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Posted on 01/24/2021
Washington, D.C. Property Manager’s License
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Many states require you to have a real estate broker’s license if you are a property manager. Washington D.C., is different because it does not require property managers to have a real estate broker’s license under certain circumstances. A real estate broker is trained in managing real estate agents and buying and...
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Posted on 10/25/2020
Multi-Generational Living: A Real Estate Trend Worth Examining
Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels Housing design has undergone significant changes in the past few decades, with open concepts and flexible living arrangements quickly taking over. Such designs reflect, in part, the increased prevalence of multi-generational families, in which family members of all ages live together. Why Today's Residents Love Multi-Generational Arrangements During the Great Recession, the...
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Posted on 01/19/2020
Starting from Scratch: How to Find the Capital for Your First Investment Property
Photo by Jonathan Rolande via Pixabay Dipping your toes in the real estate investing waters can feel intimidating--especially when it comes to making a large up-front investment. Although there are ways to get started in real estate with lower up-front costs (low- or no-down payment VA and FHA loans, for instance), it's smart to have some savings to...
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